Stage 1

Period: Wednesday 24 Jan to Wednesday 14 Feb
Once a week on Wednesday nights only.
Over 4 weeks.

Focusing on the following
Basic skill drills
Team building drills

Stage 2

Mon 19 Feb to Wednesday 6 March
Twice a week, Mon and Weds Nights
Over 3 weeks period

Focusing on the following
Game Plan Drills
Match simulation
Team Building

Stage 3

Period: 13 March to the start of the season
Twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday Nights
Over 4 weeks, period.

Focusing on the following:
Match day structures
Match simulation drills
Practice games

All training will be tailored so everyone can get through sessions from over 35 to over 45.

There is NO PRESSURE to complete everything. As old blokes, we understand that everyone has different fitness levels. Do what you can, there is NO shame in sitting out a few run throughs.